Service Closed
This service will be unavailable from March 1st 2014, please download anything you wish to keep before this date.

Window Brick Pack v4 to v5: 
* Fixed brick coverage errors with the 1x2x3 window
* Fixed brick grid errors with bay window

Window Brick Pack v3 to v4: 
- Added two more x3 height variations. (Requested by Barnabas.)
- Added 6x8 Bay Window.
- Seperated windows into two sub-categories to reduce clutter.

Window Brick Pack v2 to v3: 
- Fixed an issue which caused some faces to disappear unitentionally
- Added 2x4x5 Slanted Window

Window Brick Pack v1 to v2: 
Added three new windows:
- 3x4x6 Slanted Window
- 4x4x3 Slanted Window
- 4x5x2 Slanted Window
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